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Last modified on: 1-08-2011

In July 2011 the construction of the concrete base on which the tank will be placed on the square in Overloon has been made. Company Elco (, specialized in agricultural engineering , has removed the bushes and top layer. Next, the hole was filled with some cubic meters of yellow sand, delivered by Kuenen Overloon ( Contractor Jeu Hubers ( has made the mold where the concrete could be poured. The tank is approximately 50 cm above the ground to stand. The required concrete was supplied by Cemex Netherlands, location Wanssum ( The concrete must dry one month before the 30-ton tank can be placed.

In the meantime we've also worked on the tank. The bogie sets sets are painted in the finishing color. We have chosen the option satin. Matte/flat paint is too vulnerable in open air and gloss paint isn't appropriate. Satin paint is the best option. The paint we use is yet still pretty shiny, but we are now trying to figure out how it can be made somewhat matted. Within four weeks we hope to apply the final paint and the correct markings. Through Brezan Automotive ( we got the necessary thinner to add to the paint.
After painting the bogie sets we began mounting the 12 wheels. Many wheels are equipped with a production date (see photos).
Furthermore, we applied filler to the hull.

Mike van Toer of Plaatwerken Deurne b.v., the specialist in cutting en punching metals (, has reproduced a pair of front fenders. These are already mounted to the hull.

The assembled bogie sets were moved from our workshop in Overloon to the restoration location. Thanks to Pieter van den Elzen from Mill with his Mercedes truck (dated 1979) who again arranged this transport and loading and unloading with great precision. After unloading the bogie sets on the site we started the mounting. The approximately one ton weighing bogie sets were mounted with help from a telehandler. Thanks to Wim Hofmans, owner of  Hof van Overloon ( for once again providing the telehandler. It was quite a task to maneuver the six heavy bogie sets exactly in front of the bolt holes in the hull. After more than 60 years the bogie sets are mounted in their original position again. The required bolts and nuts for mounting the bogie sets are provided by Nedschroef Helmond (  We tightened the nuts on the inside of the tank by using a heavy air wrench. Thanks to Trading Company Spierings Rijkevoort ( for providing the proper tools. The sprockets and idler wheels are also mounted. Meanwhile the installing of the tracks has begun.

For August we planned:

-replacing the turret.
-spraying of the finish layer, the appropriate end color.
-applying the markings.
-installing the tracks.
-the overall completion of the restoration.

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Pictures July 2011