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Last modified on: 11-04-2011

We got help from Artur and Joseph. They assisted in removing the welding residues that stayed behind after removing the wideners. We also further smoothened the hull and turret with grinding discs. Especially on the places where the projectiles left the tank there were bulges we had to treat with grinding discs. The bulletholes will be welded in a short term with special electrodes suitable for welding armored steel. These electrodes are sponsored by Berkvens Metaalwerken b.v. te Asten (

The idler wheels were mounted on the hull so they will also be sandblasted. For mounting the idler wheels and the bogie sets  Nedschroef  Helmond ( provided us with the necessary nuts and bolts.

Enthusiastic employees from  Turning Technic at Oostrum (, supplies precision products, are producing a replica of the .30  bowgun and the gunmount.

We managed to lend an original front fender.  Mike van Toer from Plaatwerken Deurne b.v., the specialist in cutting en punching metals (, will reproduce a pair of front fenders.

The guards for the front lights were reproduced and welded on the hull. The klaxon guard that was very damaged was fully restored and welded on the hull.

Company Elco te  Elsendorp (, specialized  in agricultural engineering moved  the tracks to sandblasting company Cuijpers ( that's going to sandblast the tracks for free! It will be a great puzzle to make a good looking set of tracks out of all the pieces.

In April we plan:

-further restoration of the bogies.

-welding the 75 mm gun barrel.

-all the welding that's needed regarding the hull and turret.

-to sandblast hull and turret.

-after sandblasting apply the primer and putty.

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