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Last modified on: 20-03-2011


In February the last wideners welded on the tank according the E9 specification were removed by Matt en Maik Nielen from Matt Nielen Constructions Boxmeer (www.mattnielen.nl)
They handled an efficient system so the job was done very quickly (we refer to the restoration update of January 2011)
The armored steel air filter protectors that were welded at the backside (also an E9 specification) were also removed by them. The tank starts to look like the original M4A1 type which took part in the battle of Overloon in October 1944.
With grinding discs we treated the hull and turret to create a smooth surface. Already steel plates are made for closing the openings and holes in the hull and turret. In short time these plates will be welded on the hull and turret.
The bogie set parts were collected by Pieter van de Elzen from Mill and Cees Berends of CEBE Gardens (www.cebetuinen.nl) in Mill. The parts were transported to Vloet Renovation Technique  (www.renovatietechniek.nl) where the sandblastng will take place..
The reproduction of the front and rear lamp brackets is completed.
For March we planned
* the finishing of the bogie sets
* the final welding on the turret and hull
* the preparation for the sandblasting,


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Pictures February 2011